About Us

About Us

American Association is a registered American organization for Continuous Medical Education, firstly established in Delaware state in America and expanded to include 3 main head-offices; in the USA, Egypt and Dubai. Our Services are offered globally and we are pioneers in providing international Continuous Medical Education. We provide quality-based learning programs that are geared towards helping doctors to achieve their professional career goals with the up-to-date knowledge and techniques. Our aim is to provide the fullest potentials for the participants’ development in the academic field of their choices and to meet the growing demands of today’s adult learning.
We offer accredited professional diplomas with CME hours, Hands-on workshops, and guaranteed the latest medical techniques.

Our Partnerships;
- American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AِِACME)
- American Association Society For adult learning (AAS)
- Aesthetic Gynaecology Conference Society (AGC)

Nationally and Internationally acclaimed as Leaders in a Business and Medical professional Training

We provide quality needs based learning programs that are geared towards helping participants achieve their professional and career goals. and enhances participant competence, performance and patient outcomes

We are committed to helping our Trainee developing to their fullest potential in the Academic field of their choice. and equipping our Academic studies with the necessary skills and education to excel as trained, competent professionals in the overall Academic field

American Association for continuous education
We are American Organization for Training, Event Management and Consultation

American Association was created to meet the growing demands and needs of today’s adults learning and education . We don’t just run a training business! We are passionate about learning,

about sharing knowledge and about making a difference, both professionally and personally, in the lives of our training participants. American Association has a professional partners through the world and leading accreditation committees for professional bodies of education and training management

If you are ready to start your professional continuous studies and earn a certificate , American association is here to help make your educational goals a reality

Our training delivery method is involving, participative, interactive and hands-on to help participants retain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes they will learn on the program.

By doing so, the Experiential learning process of making meaning from direct experience is enhanced.

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