Aesthetic gynecology conference  2020

Aesthetic gynecology conference 2020

American Association for Medical courses is proud to announce the

Aesthetic Gynecology Conference “Female Intimate Health “

Aesthetic Gynecology is a New Science and has a High Demand from your patients as a 5 patient of 10 have One of Female Sexual Dysfunction.

So, the American Association Tailored a Professional Conference Program to Handle all Patients Complain Related to Function, Shape, and Performance of The Female Sexual Area.


  • All-Conference Program is Educational Which Puts you in The Road of The Aesthetic Gynecology Subspecialty.
  • Aesthetic Gynecology Conference “Female Intimate Health“ one of its kind in the middle east as:

- This conference will be full of dissections, updates, actual & real solutions for all Female Intimate Health.

- The speakers are Egyptian and non-Egyptian both are international coming from different places of the world.

- The speakers will be from different specialties as Gynecologist, Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, and the Sexual Health Phycologists (sexology professors).

- This conference will serve about 3,7 billion women in the world.

  • American Association had performed very successful 30 training in for more than 1100 doctors from different countries in the world.
  • We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference from every country in the world.


So … join us in 20 - 21 / 2 / 2020 in Grand Nile Tower to share the science, enjoyment, and knowledge on the Nile River when the history was beginning.

Thank you…



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