Infertility and IVF Dubai

Infertility and IVF courses

Infertility and IVF Dubai

Research indicates that 10-12% of the world's couples suffer from infertility.

So the assisted reproductive techniques become widely spread and have been improved day by day.

This professional diploma Infertility and IVF  will answer all the questions like what is the fertility of how to be diagnosed and how can be managed, how to practicing IVF, and improve its result. Are there any special techniques and processes for practicing.

Professional diploma objectives :

  • professional training methods and practicing (Academic and practical)

          to ensure the trainee  get the maximum benefits

  • the trainee becomes able to practicing which he learned in his clinic

          Also, American Association provides after course support  and consultation for our precious trainee


New Era in OB / GYN and New demand from your patient

Basic Infertility management:

  1. Female Reproductive system (Anatomy, Physiology, Endocrinology)
  2. Management of infertility (history, examination, investigation, Finding)
  3. Anovulation, PCOS, unexplained infertility and Premature menopause
  4. Tubal infertility, uterine causes, Endometriosis, Reproductive surgery
  5. Recurrent miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy
  6. Male Factor Infertility
  7. Role of endoscopy for infertility
  8. Infertility management
  • protocols of management
  • drugs used to induce evaluation  

Basic IVF

  1. Patient Selection and consoling for IVF
  2. Controlled Ovarian Stimulation Protocol
  3. Induction of IVF
  4. Monitoring of IVF
  5. Oocyte retrieval
  6. Embryo transfer
  7. Luteal phase support

IVF DAY 1 (Hands-on)

1- Select Patient & Patient Preparation.
2- Start the IVF Cycle & Prescription.
3- Folliculametry & Follow Up.
4- Egg Collection
5- Embryo Transfer.

IVF DAY 2 (Hands-on)
1- Primary pelvic scan
2- Adjust the best view
3- Doing Retrieval
4- Embryo Transfer

The Professional Diploma is Internationally Accredited From:

1) American Association For Continuous Education  LLC, ( Delaware  )

2) American Association of Continuing Medical Education® (San Francisco,)

The Trainee will Achieve 3 Certificates:

- Certificate of Attending from American Association for Continuous Education

- Certificate of CME Hours (66 hours)  From the American Association of Continuing Medical Education

- Professional Diploma from the American Association of Continuing Medical Education

Infertility and IVF Dubai

Date & Venue

10 - 14 Feb 2021 - 1 Makram Ebeid, Al Manteqah as Sadesah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact For Registration

1 Makram Ebeed st., Nasr City, Cairo Governorate .






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