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Aesthetic Medicine Professional Diploma

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AACME Hours afforded:
:78.75 CME Hours CME Hours
: Live demonstrations and workshop sessions, Interactive presentations, Discussions & Case studies.
:6 Days


Aesthetic Medicine Professional Diploma is a six-day program, that enables dermatologists and plastic surgeons to master different aesthetic techniques of minimal invasive injectables safely and professionally. 

Professional diploma overview


Aesthetic Medicine Professional Diploma that focuses on improving physical appearance and satisfying patients’ aesthetic desires through minimally invasive procedures. 

Professional diploma outline

·      BOTOX

-       History and science of BOTOX.

-       Training of the upper and lower face injection techniques.

-       Crow’s feet.

-       Glabella lines.

-       Forehead lines.

-       Eyebrow lift.

-       Gummy smile.

-       Nefertiti neck lift

-       Off-label uses of BOTOX.

-       Risks and benefits.

-       Management of complications.

-       Demonstrations and workshop sessions.

·      Fillers

-       Patient criteria.

-       Injection techniques:

-       Chin augmentation.

-       Lip augmentation.

-       Cheeks’ augmentation.

-       Hydraulic facelift.

-       Texas jawline.

-       Dangerous zones of the face.

-       Indications and contraindications.

-       Types of filler and their uses.

-       Advanced skin rejuvenation techniques.

-       Combining dermal Fillers and BOTOX.

-       Demonstrations and workshop sessions.

·      Basics of Threads

-       Anatomical basics required for thread injection.

-       Types of threads.

-       Threads injection techniques.

-       How to achieve safe and optimal outcomes.

-       Live demonstration threads lifting

-       Live demonstration mono PDO threads.

·      Peeling

-       Chemical peeling types and their uses.

-       Acne management.

-       Advanced chemical peelings.

-       Demonstrations and workshop sessions.

·      Cosmetic Platelet-Rish Plasma (PRP)

-       What is PRP therapy?

-       Preparation techniques.

-       Techniques and depth of injection.

-       Different usage and benefits of PRP.

-       Demonstrations and workshop sessions.

·      LASER and Energy-Based Devices

-       LASER hair reduction, cellulite reduction, and tattoo removal.

-       IPL hair reduction.

-       Intense pulsed light skin rejuvenation.

-       Fractional wrinkle reduction.

-       HIFU and new devices.

·      Mesotherapy

-       What is mesotherapy?

-       Material characteristics and types.

-       Derma pen and Derma roller.

-       Techniques and depth of injection.

-       Injection devices.

-       Dermatology mesotherapy in your daily practice.

-       Mesolipolysis.

-       Facial rejuvenation.

-       Mesotherapy and alopecia and hair loss.

·      Live demonstration.

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Professional diploma certificates

-Attendance Certificate from American Association for Continuous Education.

- Professional Diploma Certificate from the American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME).

- Accredited CME Hours Certificate from American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME).

- Accredited CME Hours Certificate from Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).