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Egypt, Cairo.
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Academic experience, Live demonstrations, Video demonstrations, Practical training workshops, Interactive presentations, and Discussions.

Aesthetic medicine is a branch of medicine focused on enhancing or improving a person's appearance through non-surgical cosmetic procedures. It involves a wide range of treatments that aim to address various concerns, such as wrinkles, fine lines, volume loss, skin texture, pigmentation issues, and body contouring. Aesthetic medicine procedures include injectables (e.g., botulinum toxin and dermal fillers), laser and energy-based therapies, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and more.

Course Overview

A 6-Day Course in Egypt that will enhance your aesthetic practice and learn the most cutting-edge injectables, lasers, and skin rejuvenation techniques and technologies.

By enrolling in the American Association’s Aesthetic Medicine Professional Diploma, you will Develop a thorough understanding of the principles and concepts of aesthetic medicine:

•Introduction to Aesthetic Medicine: An overview of aesthetic medicine as a specialized field, its principles, and the role of a medical professional in providing aesthetic treatments. Understanding the importance of patient consultation, managing expectations, and achieving optimal outcomes.

•Patient Assessment and Treatment Planning: Comprehensive training on patient assessment, including understanding patient expectations, performing aesthetic evaluations, and developing personalized treatment plans based on individual needs.

•Facial Anatomy and Aging: In-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, including the layers of the skin, fat compartments, muscles, and vascular structures. Understanding the physiological changes that occur with aging and their impact on facial aesthetics.

•Skin Assessment and Analysis: Learning to assess and analyze the skin's condition, identifying concerns such as wrinkles, volume loss, pigmentation issues, and texture abnormalities. Understanding different skin types and tailoring treatments accordingly.

•Botulinum Toxin (Botox) Injections: Training on the use of botulinum toxin injections to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contractions. Understanding injection techniques, dosages, safety considerations, and managing potential complications.

•Dermal Fillers: Instruction on the use of dermal fillers to restore volume, smooth wrinkles, and enhance facial features. Learning about different filler types, injection techniques, choosing appropriate products, and ensuring safe and effective outcomes.

•Non-Surgical Skin Tightening: Understanding non-surgical techniques for skin tightening and rejuvenation, such as radiofrequency, ultrasound, or laser-based treatments. Learning about patient selection, treatment protocols, and managing adverse events.

•Laser and Light-Based Therapies: Training on various laser and light-based treatments for skin rejuvenation, hair removal, pigmentation correction, and vascular conditions. Understanding different laser types, parameters, safety precautions, and post-treatment care.

•Chemical Peels: Instruction on the use of chemical peels to improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation irregularities, and enhance overall skin appearance. Learning about different peel types, depth selection, application techniques, and managing complications.

•Mesolipolysis: Introduction to mesolipolysis for non-surgical fat reduction, Understanding the mechanism of action and patient selection, Techniques for mesolipolysis injections in targeted areas, combining mesotherapy and mesolipolysis for body contouring, Monitoring patient progress and managing potential complications

•Complication Management and Safety: Understanding potential complications associated with aesthetic procedures and developing skills to manage them effectively. Learning to recognize and address adverse events, patient emergencies, and post-treatment complications.

Course Outline

·         BOTOX

·         History, Purpose, and Benefits.

·         Facial Anatomy and Muscles.

·         Patient selection and Assessment.

·         Different Types of Wrinkles.

·         Dilution methods.

·         Botox Injection and dosage Techniques:

·         Training on the upper and lower face.

·         On-label treatments.

·         Eyebrow lift.

·         Gummy smile.

·         Crow's feet.

·         Forehead lines.

·         Glabellar lines.

·         The Nefertiti neck lift.

·         Off-label treatments:

·         Contraindications & their treatment.

·         Demonstrations & workshop sessions.

·         Fillers

·         Different Types of Dermal Fillers.

·         Facial Anatomy and Aging.

·         Selection of Filler.

·         Selection of Patients.

·         Dangerous zones of the face.

·         Injection techniques:

·         Nasolabial Folds.

·         Marionette Lines.

·         Cheek's augmentation.

·         Chin augmentation.

·         Lips augmentation.

·         Texas Augmentation.

·         Treatment of complications with Hylase.

·         Demonstrations & workshop sessions.

·         Basics of Threads

·         Introduction to Thread Lift.

·         Facial Anatomy and Aging.

·         Types of Threads.

·         Indication of threads.

·         Patient Assessment and Consultation.

·         Threads injection techniques.

·         Threads complication & their management.

·         Demonstrations & workshop sessions.

·         Mono PDO threads

·         PRP

·         Extraction, Preparation & injection Techniques.

·         Hair PRP.

·         Face PRP.

·         Hand Rejuvenation.

·         Lip Rejuvenation.

·         Demonstrations & workshop session.

·         Mesotherapy

·         Introduction to Mesotherapy.

·         Mesotherapy Mechanisms of Action.

·         Patient Assessment.

·         Mesotherapy Injection Methods and Protocols.

·         Mesotherapy for Hair Restoration: Alopecia.

·         Mesotherapy for Skin Rejuvenation.

·         Mesolipolysis: double Chin - abdomen and arm.

·         Micro needling.

·         Demonstrations & workshop sessions.

·         Peeling

·         Introduction.

·         Skin types and analysis.

·         Different types of chemical peels.

·         Cold Peeling.

·         Indications of peeling.

·         Skin preparation for peeling.

·         Applying methods.

·         Tips for before, during and after treatment.

·         Complications & their Management.

·         Demonstrations & workshop sessions.

·         LASER, Energy-Based Devices

·         Introduction to Energy-Based Devices.

·         Types of Energy-Based Devices.

·         Laser physics and settings.

·         Laser safety Protocols.

·         Laser Tattoo Removal.

·         Laser Hair Reduction.

·         Skin Rejuvenation.

·         Skin Tightening.

·         Telangiectasia reduction.

·         Complications & their management.

Course Name Place Date Range Registration
Aesthetic Medicine Egypt, Cairo. 17th Aug 2024 – 22nd Aug 2024 Register

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Attendance Certificate from American Association for Continuous Education.
Professional Diploma Certificate from American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME), San Francisco, USA.
CME Hours Certificate from American Association of Continuing Medical Education (AACME), San Francisco, USA.
CME Hours Certificate from Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), Chicago, USA.